Brad Kullman


Brad Kullman has been studying human performance and potential for the greater part of three decades. As the head of the first formal Research & Development department in Major League Baseball (MLB), Kullman was at the forefront of the Sabermetric Analytics Revolution that led to improved methods of evaluating athletic performance. As computing technology facilitated increasingly detailed performance analysis, Kullman turned his focus to what he considered to be the next frontier in human understanding–makeup. When he was introduced to a revolutionary breakthrough in quantifying makeup, he could quickly see that this is something that transcends sports. This understanding of how each person his hardwired at conception to think, behave, and perform can benefit people in all walks of life.

Kullman left the world of sports to focus on honing his comprehension of this amazing revelation and how he could share these life-changing insights with the world. Those efforts culminated with the launch of Max Q Performance, which opens the door to new understanding for anyone who wishes to live their best life and achieve optimal success.



As a young major league baseball executive, Brad Kullman was at the forefront of the statistical (“sabermetric”) revolution. While the evolution of the computer enabled us to analyze performance at a far deeper level than ever before, there was one aspect of evaluating an athlete’s potential that remained in the Dark Ages. Attempts at evaluating a player’s makeup were continually met with vague generalities and virtually no actionable insights. When introduced to the discovery of hardwired makeup, Kullman soon realized this represented a breakthrough in human understanding. He was compelled to leave the world of sports in order to help others benefit from this revolutionary insight.

Max Q Performance is the result of more than a decade of intense study and research in understanding the innate hardwired designs of people and how to apply this awareness in a meaningful way. While it may initially appear similar to conventional personality tests, do not be misled.

The Max Q process delves deep beneath surface-level symptoms of persona in order to analyze root causation, thereby creating a framework for a meaningful and substantive solution based on a person’s true indelible makeup.