MAX Q Assesment


You are about to take a big step toward identifying and understanding your hardwired makeup or better understand someone else. The assessment takes less than ten minutes and the results are immediate.

There are two assessments, one for adults and one for minors (children under 18). The assessments are different, so please choose the correct one.

If you are wondering… we do not share or sell any of your data. The assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete and you will receive immediate initial results upon completion.

How is this (MaxQ) different from other personality tests?

Conventional personality tests are clouded a mix of nurture and nature, leaving their results fluid and unreliable. Only the Max Q Performance assessment reveals how each person is hardwired at conception to think, feel, behave, and perform under pressure.

What are the results?

This is not another personality test. Just four simple questions can provide a preliminary indication of one’s hardwired makeup. However, the Max Q proprietary multi-dimensional assessment can provide a much more accurate revelation of one’s innate design. The assessment is just the start to better understanding your hardwired makeup. For maximum depth consider purchasing the plan with the phone call added. 

Who is this for?

The Max Q Performance hardwired makeup assessment provides actionable insights for anyone who wants to better understand why you or someone else in your life has a tendency to think, feel, behave, and perform in a certain manner. This profound understanding can benefit:

  • Parents (and children)
  • Lovers (and those seeking a meaningful relationship)
  • Coaches (and athletes)
  • Teachers (and students)
  • Business Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Anyone who is not satisfied with some aspect of their life

Who is this not for?

If your life is going great and there is no area in which you would like to improve, these the insights that come from understanding hardwired makeup will probably not benefit you. Congratulations on achieving personal nirvana!


Because of hardwired makeup’s direct correlation between mental and physical tendencies, it’s use naturally evolved in the world of sports. Previously available only to top professional and collegiate sports teams, this scientifically validated system is now being made widely available to the general public for the first time.

Money-back guarantee. We are so confident that this will bring you new insight and value that we are willing to give you a full money-back guarantee, we just ask that you share what we could have done better.


When your most important relationships are going great, life is easy.

When your kids are behaving well and excelling in school and other activities, life is easy.

When you have a job you love and a thriving career, life is easy.

When you are healthy and feel great, both in body and mind, life is easy.

When you have spiritual peace, life is easy.


When things get out of sync, life gets hard. Effective answers aren’t just difficult to find, even knowing what questions to ask is tough. It’s a matter of scientific fact: every person is uniquely pre-programmed to perceive matters and give them thought in a specific fashion, so communication and understanding can easily become compromised, even with yourself. We’re all hardwired, and those wires can get crossed sometimes.

But here’s the good news: Recent scientific advances have revealed unmistakable clues that, for the first time, enable us to substantively identify how each of us is hardwired at conception to think, feel, behave, and perform. Armed with these insights about ourselves and others, we can move life away from hard and back in the direction of easy.

Capture and apply these breakthroughs for yourself. Learn how you and others in your life are hardwired — take the introductory assessment and get feedback immediately.

Adult & Child Assessment Prices


Access to 44 Question MaxQ Assessment

Plus 3rd Party “Review” for Accuracy

Results Emailed to You

Plus 30 min Call to Review Results with Brad Kullman